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Expository Reading and Writing (ERWC)
Ms. Danielle Sayles
Oak Ridge High School

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Assignments & Handouts

"Rhetoric of the Op-Ed Page" UNIT


Expectations for "Letter to the Editor" and Checklist

Examples for Scoring Lesson

Scoring Guide (also on page 32 of Workbook)


Evidence and Identification Chart

Peer Edit (have TWO peers edit for you)

Adult Edit (must be 25+ years of age)

"What's Next? Life After High School" UNIT
Essay Evaluation handout (to evaluate example essays in class so you can keep track of what you like and don't like)

Guided Reading Handout

MLA-formatted Example of Personal Statement

Paramedic Method

Choose a Topic From Here:

UC Personal Insight Questions

Common App Questions

Scholarship Questions

Example Essays (viewed and discussed in class)

NOTE: These essays are posted here for your reference.  They are NOT in MLA format--please consider the CONTENT as related to the rubric, not the formatting!  DO NOT COPY THEM.

"Sarah Chinn"


NYU Application Essay

"A Quencher for Curiosity"

"Balverne Court"

"Dreaming of You"

"A Foot Short of a Sprout"


"Where Valor Rests"



"A Novel Only to be Heard"

2 more student examples--UC Freshman Application Prompts from 2014 (also called "German" & "Legos")

Course Information and Helpful Links
Struggling with annotating or margin-noting? Click HERE for hints and HERE for an example

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